, cybersecurity training services

What is is a cybersecurity training platform. provides a complete, integrated and fully customisable cybersecurity training solution, designed in a modular format to meet the specific needs of individual learners or corporate teams alike so to increase their cybersecurity skills. It incorporates an independent cyber range platform and a comprehensive suite of both free and paid-for web-based, qualified courses. is a training platform that allows professionals to increase and strengthen their cybersecurity skills. Indeed its final goal is to allow professionals to face effectively cybersecurity threats. is, in fact, a capacity building platform for cybersecurity skills.

        Primer cybersecurity training
  • Created for students or beginner-level professionals.
  • At the primer offering level you can experience the e-learning & communication tools such as Web Portal, Cross-Learning Facilities.
  • The Primer Offering Level gives you an overall introduction to the cyber-risk analysis process.
  • The topics covered within this offering level are the most common threats like phishing, ransomware and some cases of data leakage.
  • Additional topics to be covered are best practices on reducing insider threats and how to manage and set passwords.
        Basic cybersecurity training
  • Created for professionals that already know the basic concepts and best practices of cybersecurity.
  • The basic Offering Level lessons include a structured approach to identifying and documenting security assets and cyber risks.
  • cyber range environment includes a wide amount of high realistical practical simulations.
  • At the basic offering level you can experience training scenarios composed by up to 10 elements.
  • A set of monitoring sensors.
  • A basic limited suite of pre-defined attack scripts.
       Intermediate cybersecurity training
  • Created for expert users from business context as SMEs or Large Enterprises as well as Public Sector.
  • Within the intermediate Offering Level are developed also aspects of context establishment, cyber-risk assessment, cyber-risk treatment, and cost/benefit analysis not covered at the Basic level.
  • At this level are available training scenarios composed by up to 50 elements.
  • A set of monitoring sensors tailored to specific exercises,
  • A full suite of pre-defined attack with suggestions of possible countermeasures.
  • A set of models that may be executed by Economic Risk Evaluator are also available.      


Advanced cybersecurity training

  • Created for large organisations or public administrations that have more advanced cybersecurity training needs.
  • The advanced Offering Level covers all aspects of context establishment and cyber-risk assessment, as well as cyber-risk treatment and cost/benefit analysis.
  • At this level are available training scenarios composed by up to 500 elements.
  • The Digital Library offers a full choice of virtual templates and the possibility of creating new ones
  • A set of monitoring sensors tailored to specific exercises,
  • A full suite of pre-defined attack with suggestions of possible countermeasures.
  • The risk assessment algorithm produces risk levels in terms of economical loss given that the risk materializes.

What are the main benefits?

  • Combination of modular architectures.

  • No IT infrastructure needed.

  • Pricing and service delivery options, and extensibility.

  • Customisable training pathways and Offering Levels to fit specific needs and capacity building targets.

  • Risk-centred approach that includes flexible risk models.

  • Economic Risk Evaluator.

  • Customisability of Countermeasures and Attack simulator.

  • A wide range of cyber-range scenarios.

  • Well established monitoring techniques (trustworthy) to evaluate the performance of trainees.

  • The CyPR (Cyber Professional Register) gives your company and your professionals an internationally recognisable reference.

To who is addressed?

  • Cybersecurity Training Students

    Students and Early Professionals can benefit from mainly by the possibility to increase their awareness of cybersecurity threats and cyber criminal techniques. They can also have a hands on experience on realistic high risk scenarios. In order to be one step ahead of the cyber criminals, beginner level cyber security specialists can learn how to build-in security during the software development stages and look for vulnerabilities in both hardware and software as well as build firewalls into network infrastructure.

  • Cybersecurity Training Public Sector SMEs

    SMEs can take advantage of the platform mainly by increasing their knowledge of concepts, best practices and the most common threats in the cybersecurity sector, ensuring they do not create a weak point within the company. Cybersecurity specialists from SMEs can learn how to identify vulnerabilities in the company infrastructure and possible countermeasures to cyber-attacks and incidents.


    Cybersecurity Training Large EnterprisesLarge Enterprises have a good level of awareness but at the same time they have more complex cybersecurity needs. accurately simulates the behavior of the physical environment. Therefore, through its cyber range provides a secure environment where LE professionals can simulate attacks, test incident response, training and testing to SOC analysis.

  • Cybersecurity Training Public SectorPublic Sector organisations are pressed by the needs to recruit, train and retain experienced and skilled cybersecurity professionals capable of protecting their infrastructure against cyber threats. In order to create trained in-house teams of cybersecurity experts, awareness campaigns and custom training solutions offered through will allow public sector organisations create in-house, the experts they need.