CyberWISER Essential


CyberWISER Essential

CyberWISER Essential is a complete service that incorporates a decisive feature brought by WISER: the real-time monitoring and assessment of cyber risk.

CyberWISER Essential requires a set of sensors to be deployed on the target infrastructure to be assessed and it enhances the vulnerability scan feature to provide a complete testing module. The service combines the information obtained from the monitoring and testing module with the client profile information collected in the configuration module, in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the cyber risk,  based on both  technical and  business aspects.  

Who is the service designed for?

The quantification of the social and economic impact of risk allows technical information such as alerts on security, to be transformed  into key business information. This novel approach allows  non-technical managers such as CEOs, Financial managers, Operations managers, to make an informed decision about the resources to be deployed to mitigate a potential attack. In this way, the final service provided to customers does  not only consist in detection of risk, but provides  information that helps to assess the risk in terms of potential economic loss, and the resources necessary to avert such risk. 

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    Want to find out more about CyberWISER Essential and the CyberWISER Services? 

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    Want to access the WISER demo infrastructure to understand more about the benefits brought  by the innovative WISER services?  

    Request a free demo trial and WISER can grant you access to a demo target infrastructure as a testing scenario, support you during the testing process and answer all of your questions related to use of the fully fledged WISER services.  


    What you get:

    For the demo trial you will be able to access the CyberWISER Dashboard and interact with the services features. 





    - Registration required
    - Self Assessment Questionnaire
    - Vulnerability Testing
    - Sensors Installation
    - Real-time monitoring
    - Real-time risk assessment
    - Dashboard
    - DSS societal impact evaluation
    - Risk Modelling system
    - Risk analytics
    - WISER online service support

    What you get:

    You will have access to the fully fledged service and the features it integrates.