CyberWISER Socio Economic Impact Tool

  • Socio Economic Impact Tool
    Tool for Socio Economic Impact assessment of cyber risks
    WISER Socio Economic Impact Tool

    -Registration required
    - Free questionnaire on direct and indirect impacts of cyber attacks
    - Completion time: 10 minutes

    What will you get:
    - A personalized report calculating an estimation of economic and non-economic impacts of cyber attacks on your organisation

    This user-friendly online tool helps you estimate the economic and non-economic impact of cyber attacks on your business. Users, whether SMEs or small IT teams, simply need to complete the online questionnaire, which addresses intangible, but very important, topics related to cyber risk.

    It is essential that small businesses develop the capability to assess their cyber risk exposure and consequences from a socio-economic viewpoint. This is especially important for micro business owners that do not normally have IT specialists or cyber security staff.