Publications & Reports

In this section you will find more information about the WISER project, its progress and results.

The section is organized into four areas:

Deliverables - This area contains the results of the WISER's research & development efforts in form of public deliverables, showing the progress of the project work.

Presentations - This area contains public presentations held by the WISER representatives in different events, such as conferences, webinars etc.

Publications - This area provides a list of publications produced by the consortium and related to the work developed within the project.

Reports - This area contains different public studies and reports on cyber security.

BRC Retail Crime Survey 2016

The BRC’s 2016 Retail Crime Survey revealed that 53% of all fraud in the industry comes from cyber-enabled incidents, amounting to estimated losses of £100 million.

In particular, examples of cyber-crimes include phishing, theft of consumer data, doxing and social engineering.

PDF icon 10081-brc-retail-crime-survey-2016_v6.pdf

Ransomware: What You Need to Know

The aim of the report, which has been created in cooperation with Europol and Check Point, is to inform private individuals and organizations about the growing threat of Ransomware. The document describes the specific attack methods of the individual Ransomware groups and explains possible decryption tools, providing detailed guidance and practical advice for users to protect their computers against infections.

PDF icon ransomware-what_you_need_to_know.pdf

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - 'All Done' with WISER

A practical Demo session showcasing CyberWISER Light, the online tool designed to help small organisations assess their cyber risk exposure and vulnerabilities.

The demo also features a sneak preview of CyberWISER Essential, an upgrade service with real-time monitoring and advanced assessment of cyber risk through specific sensors deployed on the target infrastructure.

The demo was held at DSS ITSEC 2016 in Riga.

Tackling today's cyber security challenges - WISER Services & Solutions

Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS) is giving an high level overview of WISER project, higlighting its innovative vision, objectives and concrete outputs.
Learn about how WISER is making cyber security accessible and affordable, especially for SMEs by breaking down barriers to effective cyber risk management. ICT-intensive SMEs can easily access tools to regularly profile their cyber risks and carry out vulnerability tests to stop attacks before they happen.

The presentation was held at DSS ITSEC 2016 in Riga.

ENISA Annual Incident Reports 2015

For the fifth year, ENISA publishes the annual report about significant outage incidents in the European electronic communications sector.

PDF icon Annual Incident Reports 2015.pdf

Italian Cyber Security Report - A national framework

The Italian Cyber Security Report 2015, realized by CIS-Sapienza and by the Cyber Security National Laboratory of the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics , introduces the National Cyber Security Framework.
The Framework is based on the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and is the result of a Public-Private-Partnership.

PDF icon CSR2015_ENG(2).pdf

WISER on International Federation for Information Processing - IFIP

Cyberwiser: Real-time, risk management-based solutions to democratise cybersecurity

Authors: Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS), Atle Refsdal, Gencer Erdogan (SINTEF), Paolo Lombardi (TRUST-IT), Anže Žitnik, Aleš Černivec (XLAB), Roberto J. Mannella (REXEL)

WISER at Cloudscape 2016 - Position Paper

How WISER is paving the ground for cyber security challenges in the Digital Single Market

Authors: Elena González (ATOS), Antonio Álvarez (ATOS), Aljosa Pasic (ATOS)

PDF icon Cloudscape2016_position paper_WISER.pdf

WISER at Cloudscape Brazil 2016 - Position Paper

How WISER project is preparing the ground for cyber security challenges in the Digital Single Market

Authors: Elena González (ATOS), Antonio Álvarez (ATOS), Aljosa Pasic (ATOS)

PDF icon WISER_Cloudscape Brazil 2016_0.pdf

WISER on European CIIP Newsletter

Cyber-attacks are becoming a clear obstacle for European economies to strive. It is decreasing trust of the users and slowing down the growth of the Digital Single Market. Damage is not only economical, but also has high societal impact, since attacking sensitive information and critical infrastructures that provide essential services for society that, in the most dramatic case, may lead to loss of human lives.


PDF icon European_CIIP_Newsletter_Vol_10_No_1__23.pdf

Democratising Cyber Security - WISER Webinar

This is the first of a series of webinar presenting the suite of WISER services going to market in 2017.

In this webinar we introduce you to the WISER project, its main objectives and innovative approach to create awareness and a global cyber security culture.

The WISER services are presented with particular focus on CyberWISER Light, the first tool of the WISER suite, already available online for free. – A risk-based, democratised approach to cybersecurity

WISER presentation by Paolo Lombardi (TRUST-IT Services) held for the European Privacy Association General Data Protection Regulation Webinar Series.

WISER: the European innovative framework on cybersecurity

The presentations gives an overview of the WISER project highlighting its main objectives and outputs.

Thinking Beyond Insurance: the future of EU cyber & technology

The talk "Thinking Beyond Insurance - the future of EU cyber security & technology" was given by Giorgio Aprile, AON Head of Financial Institutions in Italy at the Ferma Forum, held in Venice, Italy 4 to 7 October 2015.

D8.5 Communication Plan, second version

This document is the second version of three such plans, covering the actions and impact for the period December 2015 to May 2016 and the plans for the next 12 months as part of an all-partner commitment to communicating WISER and disseminating its results to the diverse audiences targeted. 

Release: May 2016

PDF icon WISER_D8_5_v10.pdf

D8.4 Communication Plan, first version

WISER is an innovation action and, as such, it puts considerable effort into defining a sustainable goto- market path. The project Work Package 8 – Go to Market plays a fundamental role in defining the what, who, when and how, but can only go so far in delivering key goals. 

Release: November 2015

PDF icon 20150721_WISER_D8.1_Media Platform_v1.0_final.pdf

D8.2 Practical Tools For Assessing The Socio-Economic Impact Of Risk Management Implementation For Cyber Security, First Version

This document presents the first version of the socio-economic impact tool to provide a qualitative estimation of the socio-economic impact of cyber risk events in relation to the risk management of an organisation. One of the objectives of the socio-economic tool is to increase awareness of the consequences of cyber risks and encourage particularly small organisations (SMEs, small IT teams in public administration) to manage their risks more efficiently.

Release: December 2016

PDF icon 20161207_WISER_D8_2_v10.pdf

D8.1 Media Platform

The purpose of this document is to report on the WISER web presence, end-user engagement, including social media channel presence activation. In this report, we detail the first roll-out of the Media Platform and describe plans for future developments as WISER prepares for market uptake. It also describes the activation of social media channels as one of the means for building the community and communicating WISER benefits.

Release: August 2015

PDF icon WISER_D8.1_Media Platform.pdf

D7.4 Market Validation Plan

This document describes the WISER approach to validation. It outlines the validation plan and activities which WISER is undertaking to make sure that all the requirements have been addressed and all the expressed specifications match the user needs.
The role of validation exercise is two-fold, on the one hand it helps determine if the system meets the technical specifications (developer view) and on the other it determines whether the system meets operational business and user needs. Ultimately it supports the continuous frameworks and service improvement and helps build trust.

PDF icon WISER_D7.4_MarketValidationPlan_v1.0.pdf