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Cyber security should be a fundamental part of any business.
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  • Featured
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    Self Assessment Questionnaire
    Vulnerability Testing
    Sensors Installation
    Real time monitoring
    Real time risk assessment
    DSS societal impact evaluation
    DSS cost-benefit analysis
    Risk Modelling system
    Risk analytics
    WISER online service support
    WISER onsite service support
  • Light Fast Track
    The questionnaire collects the information to determine the cyber risk exposure of the organization based on the business company profile, the internal organisation and the industries operations sectors exposure.
  • Light
    Same as CyberWISER Light Fast Track.
    Vulnerability testing gives you updated information about your risk. This service is capable of detecting vulnerabilities identified from the OWASP top 10 cyber security risks, detectable with automated scanners.
  • Essential
    You provide information about your company's business profile, its IT profile and infrastructure.
    Vulnerability testing effectively gives you a more detailed configuration of the vulnerability scanners but there is no relationship with the deployment of sensors.
    Sensors installation at the network layer level. Basic sensor management functionality is provided.
    The monitoring system comprises a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution and a correlation engine that continuously analyses security events, aggregating data from many sources. Combined and correlated data generates reports and alerts.
    The risk assessment is the result of the analysis of information regarding the company business configuration and the company’s ICT profile, provided via a questionnaire during the configuration steps, events and alarms coming from the target infrastructure monitoring module and vulnerabilities detected by the monitoring scanners. On top of that, the societal impact of the risk is also analysed.
    High-level charts and diagrams provide valuable at-a-glance information about sensor variables and incidents detected by the monitoring infrastructure. Professionals without IT security expertise can make informed decisions based on the information available.
    The Decision Support System features a list of basic mitigation measures based on international best practices & WISER experience. On top of that, the societal impact of the risk is analysed, offering a dimension of the risk that is not evident, but it is actually present, and has a clear potential impact on the company business.
    The Modelling section provides a widget of a risk model library which can be used by the user to download, change and upload a new risk model relevant for the client’s company.
    Analytical features, based on risk graphics and trends are provided so that the user consults the information related to the risk in a nice and intuitive way.
  • Plus
    You get a more sophisticated and complex correlation between risks in relation to your IT and business aspects.
    A broader range of vulnerability scanners enables the detection of a wider range of vulnerabilities.
    Extended scope of the sensors, covering both the network layer and the application layer. More advanced sensor management functionalities are available. Increased customisation of the sensors based on your company's profile. The WISER team is part of sensor deployment.
    Same as CyberWISER Essential.
    CyberWISER Plus presents a higher degree of customization, a wider range of inputs, given the higher quantity and quality of information available, and the higher complexity of the models. Finally, CyberWISER-Plus adds the functionality of the cost-benefit analysis of the mitigation measures suggested by the Risk Assessment Engine.
    The CyberWISER Plus dashboard presents a wider catalogue of analytics and diagrams.
    CyberWISER Plus ranks and prioritises the mitigation measures based on societal or indirect impacts. As the societal impact is closely related to the reputational damage, which, despite not being tangible has for sure a very negative effect in the company figures, this WISER feature contribute to raising awareness about one of the aspects of the cyber risk that is usually neglected.
    This feature offers the user relevant knowledge on the suitability of implementing one mitigation measure from a cost-benefit perspective. Its main added value is the capability of comparing and ranking different measures that could be implemented, giving the user valuable information to make a decision with a solid rationale underlying.
    The Modelling part of CyberWISER Plus dashboard has the same organization of CyberWISER Essential, with a library of risk models, where the user can add a new model by using the corresponding dialog box.
    Extra graphical widgets are provided in order to provide more detailed information on the risk per target, the current overall risk status as well as the average risk status for a specific timeframe, selected by the user.

WISER Cyber Risk Awareness Free Packages

Facilitating the uptake of a cybersecurity culture to enhance business opportunities and competitiveness

  • Socio Economic Impact Tool
    Tool for Socio Economic Impact assessment of cyber risks
    WISER Socio Economic Impact Tool
    This user-friendly online tool helps you estimate the economic and non-economic impact of cyber attacks on your business. It is designed specifically for small businesses and small IT teams in public administration.

    National information on Cyber Security
    WISER EU Cartography
    The WISER EU Cartography is a continuously updated information hub, providing accurate and practical analysis of national cyber security strategies for capacity building, legal frameworks and best practices with FREE downloadable reports.