About Wiser

The multi-faceted nature of cyberspace means that dealing with cyber risks at all levels of an organisation’s structure requires a multi-staged methodology to continuously, consistently and appropriately govern cyber strategy.

WISER is a European initiative that puts cyber-risk management at the very heart of good business practice, benefitting multiple industries in particular critical infrastructure and process owners, and ICT-intensive SMEs. Kicking off in June 2015, by 2017 WISER will provide a cyber-risk management framework able to assess, monitor and mitigate the risks in real time.

WISER will deliver a pre-packaged risk management solution for SMEs, and Risk Management Platform as a Service (RMPaaS) mode of operation for critical infrastructures or highly complex cyber systems requiring the implementation of special controls within the ICT system to be monitored.

“WISER will offer a novel and agile cyber-risk management framework for modern ICT systems. The integrated approach to control mitigating activities will address cyber-security threats and their consequences in critical information infrastructure and empower decision makers in public and private organisations to assess cyber-risk effectively”. Pedro Soria-Rodriguez, Atos, coordinator of WISER

“WISER’s real-time risk assessment will quickly identify risk factors. This will drastically reduce events that are high impact to business in the financial sector. WISER will let us move towards preventative measures to deal with cyber-crime”. Giorgio Aprile, Director, Operational Risk and Capital Management, Aon

"WISER will provide a truly dynamic, scalable and flexible monitoring infrastructure based on key modelling languages. Guidelines will capture targets of cybercrime, models for threats and vulnerabilities on which monitoring can be based”. Ketil Stølen, Chief Scientist, SINTEF

WISER will have an end-to-end reliable monitoring approach to security with accurate tamper-proof transference of data from signalling components to the monitoring core. “To achieve this and to cover a wide range of complex target infrastructures, we’ll be testing and evaluating the integration of both traditional signalling components and non-traditional, sector-specific components such as smart meters and mobiles”. Aleš Černivec, XLAB

WISER's analytical tools will be simple and easy to use, facilitating security managers in understanding complex systems. WISER will empower SMEs, who often lack the resources and expertise to make security a top priority and establish a strong IT security posture. "WISER tools are an important enabler for SMEs whose very existence could be under threat due to poor security strategies. WISER can make cyber-risk management an integral part of good business practice for SMEs." Silvana Muscella, CEO, Trust-IT Services Ltd

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