PRIMER: cybersecurity training for beginners


Why choose PRIMER? PRIMER is an entry-level course for cybersecurity beginners which will give you the basic skills you will need to work online every day. You will learn the basic concepts of cyber security, the most common cybersecurity threats and best practices, and how to understand the overall process of cyber-risk analysis and its relationship with cybersecurity.

Who is it for?

Cybersecurity Training StudentsStudents such as undergraduate, graduates and PhD Students


Cybersecurity Training Public Sector SMEsEarly career professionals



PRIMER Course Description

Course title Learning goals
Introduction to cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity
  • Understand the basic concepts related to cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity.
  • Understand the overall process of cyber-risk analysis and the relationship between cybersecurity and cyber-risk analysis.
Conceptual clarification of cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity

Describe and distinguish risk-related concepts:

  • Risk
  • Unwanted incident
  • Asset
  • Conditional likelihood
  • Risk level
  • Target of analysis
  • Vulnerability
  • Threat
  • Threat source
  • Treatment  
  • Cyberspace
  • Cyber-system
  • Cyber-physical system
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyber-threat
  • Cyber-risk
  • Information security
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
Awareness of Phishing
  • Understand what phishing is
  • Understand the phishing attack kill chain
  • Describe why phishing is so popular
  • Understand how to protect against phishing
Awareness of Password Weaknesses
  • Understand the use of passwords for authentication
  • Understand the risks associated with weak passwords
Awareness of Ransomware
  • Understand what ransomware is among malware definition
  • Learn about the malware attack kill chain
  • Describe how Malware is increasingly targeting our society
  • Understand how to protect against Ransomware and other Malware
Awareness of Data Leakage
  • Understand the scope and impact of data leakage
  • Understand the attack vectors used for data leakage
  • Describe how data leakage is increasingly targeting our society
  • Understand how to protect against data leakage
Awareness of Insider Threat
  • Understand the concept of insider threat
  • Remember the indicators of insider threats
  • Remember measures to detect insider threats
  • Understand legal concerns related with insider threats
Introduction to cyber-risk assessment

Understand at a deeper level (compared to course P-01) the purpose of cyber-risk assessment and the activities typically covered within cyber-risk assessment.




What are you going to learn?

  • Understand, describe, and learn how to protect against five common cyber-risks: Phishing, Password Weaknesses, Ransomware, Data Leakage, and Insider Threat.
  • Understand the basic concepts related to cybersecurity and cyber-risk assessment, as well as the process of cyber risk assessment.



What they say about us

Lots of people don’t have enough awareness about the technologies they use on a daily basis. Many companies don’t realise the impacts of not having proper Cybersecurity solutions against spam emails and phishing. While technical skills are essential for tackling threats, people are often the weakest link in the company and need soft skills. - Giorgio, University of Pisa Student

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