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01 February 2021

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has recently published its input to the Horizon Europe Programme. The document identifies four main pillars, or strategic areas for investment, that could be supported by the coming Horizon Europe Programme, to develop a cybersecurity research and innovation strategy in Europe to increase digital autonomy and respond to the needs of European industrial sectors while protecting the European fundamental rights.

2 weeks 4 days ago

The need for effective cybersecurity training is more pressing than ever. With COVID-19 restrictions bringing about the increasing shift to home working, companies are now offering many more vulnerable points to malicious hackers. Training is crucial to help organisations and teams to become cyber-aware with regards to best practices including password strength, phishing emails (which have exploded in number since the start of the pandemic) and other types of cyber-attacks.

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Co-designed in collaboration with

Three large organisations, each of them covering a different domain (higher education, transport, and energy), helped CYBERWISER.eu in designing, implementing, and validating our cybersecurity training solutions. The input from these organisations covered all levels of cybersecurity experience, from university students to industry experts, ensuring that CYBERWISER.eu training could be tailored to any customers needs.

This collaborator deployed advanced training modules, increasing the automation of training operations, while also making the training modules more effective by using gamification approaches. The main purpose was to validate new developments in training scenarios, introducing EDP’s...
Ferrovie Italiane demonstrated the potential of the CYBERWISER.eu platform in a business setting for cybersecurity experts in the railroad transport domain. The Ferrovie Italiane cybersecurity team used the platform to perform attack and defence scenarios, while their business experts used...
The University of Pisa (UniPi) gathered around 40 trainees (undergrads, grads and post-docs) to use the training platform. It focused on user experience and the scalability features of the platform. It demonstrated the flexibility of the CYBERWISER.EU platform which was able...

The CYBERWISER.eu Partners

The CYBERWISER.eu Consortium is composed of 9 European players from 7 countries, bringing expertise in cybersecurity, security risk assessment and management, security engineering, transportation and electricity critical infrastructures.

  • Antonio Álvarez

    CYBERWISER.eu is developing and rolling out a platform that will build more capacities for cybersecurity training in Europe.

    Antonio Álvarez / Project Manager / ATOS
  • Douglas Wiemer

    CYBERWISER.eu is specifically focused on cyber ranges, with one of the most advanced cyber ranges in the world from a content and technical perspective

    Douglas Wiemer / Director of the Security and Crisis Management Business Unit / RHEA Group
  • Ketil Stølen

    SINTEF brings to CYBERWISER.eu a customisable risk-centric learning pathway for specific roles and skills, as well as an approach to train and evaluate the cybersecurity skills of participants based on cyber-risk models, with a view to increasing awareness and training capabilities for cybersecurity.

    Ketil Stølen / Chief Scientist / SINTEF
  • Anže Žitnik

    I believe XLAB's Attack Simulator and Vulnerability Assessment Tools components implemented in CYBERWISER.eu can greatly assist both trainees and trainers by providing means for more realistic scenarios with automated attacks, as well as assistance in performance evaluation with simple detection of fulfilled objectives.

    Anže Žitnik / Cybersecurity researcher / XLAB
  • Gianluca Dini

    The Univeristy of Pisa is helping CYBERWISER.eu to design its platform, validate its services and close the European cybersecurity Skills gap through a dedicated Full-Scale Pilot. This Pilot integrates the use of the CYBERWISER.eu Capacity Building Platform withr hands-on Bachelor, Master and Post-Master cybersecurity courses, to ensure that our students are developing the skills fit for the evolving threat landscape.

    Gianluca Dini / Full professor of Computer Engineering / University of Pisa
  • Liliana Ribeiro

    EDP - Energias de Portugal, SA is a leading company on the operation of critical infrastructures, and has an operational Cyber Range that provides a mature cyber security training program available to all its employees in both IT and OT technologies. For this reason, EDP contributes to the CYBERWISER project with both operational knowledge and training experience gathered through the years, and the Energy Full-scale Pilot will focus on providing essential knowledge to the trainees that deal with an OT infrastructure.

    Liliana Ribeiro / Cyber Range White Team / EDP
  • Paolo Lombardi

    Trust-IT brings to CYBERWISER.eu its experience as innovation analysts and dissemination & communication experts in the cybersecurity space. CYBERWISER.eu will expand on the WISER legacy and Trust-IT will ensure - also by means of its eLearning solution as a core component of the CYBERWISER.eu platform - implementation of effective capacity building processes in the rapidly developing cybersecurity market.

    Paolo Lombardi / Director / Trust-IT Services