The GDPR Temperature Tool - Helping European SMEs can understand the risk of GDPR related sanctions


Although the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect more than two years ago, many companies are still unclear about what they need to do to fully comply with it.

For this reason, the EC-funded H2020 project has launched the GDPR Temperature Tool to increase the awareness of European SMEs about fines and sanctions due to GDPR regulations.


Zero Trust: Compliance vs Security


Cybersecurity has played a critical role in 2020, especially because of the shift to an increased usage of digital products due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have seen an increase in the importance of cybersecurity within some organisations' strategy, it is important to understand the difference between compliance to cybersecurity guidelines or requirements and security itself. Compliance and security may have a similar meaning, but definitely have different impacts on a company's cybersecurity risk management activities.

The Cyber Training Landscape in Europe: Insights from Peter Meyer, eyeo and member of Stakeholders Expert Board


Peter Meyer is a member of the Stakeholders Expert Board (SEB). SEB members are thought leaders in the cybersecurity sector that bring to their specific viewpoints and insights on cybersecurity training and education. This is where our Interview with Peter Meyer comes into play. Peter is Project Manager Security and Public Affairs at eyeo and SEB member. was presented during ATOS internal global event on Cybersecurity

Antonio Alvarez Romero (Project Coordinator of CYBERWISER.EU) and Guillermo Yuste, gave a brief presentation of CYBERWISER.EU at the recent internal global event of ATOS, held on the 23rd of November 2020, 

They opened the discussion by explaining what a Cyber Range is and introducing the concept of provides a highly customisable cyber range platform capable of delivering cybersecurity training to a wide community of stakeholder: 

Cybersecurity is a Business Issue


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way every organisation operates. During the sudden shift to remote work mode, cybersecurity teams were in a reactive mode, dealing with tactical activities to keep businesses operational and safe.

After a few months in the pandemic, cybersecurity team are adapting and moving from a reactive to the crisis mode, to an understanding the business and technology impacts mode.

Phishing and COVID-19


Phishing in the years of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way many organisations are working. The increase in remote activities, such as teleworking or emails, has created the perfect conditions for cyber fraud schemes.

Three types of Cyber Attacks that could take down your infrastructure

Organisation of all size can become the target of a cybersecurity attack. A great way to defend your organisation is to understand the different kinds of threats that you might face.

Below we have listed some of the most common types of cybersecurity attacks. If you would like to know more about them cybersecurity attacks, create your Open Pilot and choose our Primer Offering Level.