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ENISA urges decision makers to take action before a major cyber crisis occurs in Europe

Despite a number of initiatives within the European Network and Information Security community to establish frameworks and standard operating procedures, the EU-level response to cyber incidents, and in particular these which lead to crisis situations, lacks consistency.

ENISA analysed the EU-level crisis management frameworks in five different sectors (aviation, civil protection, border control, counter-terrorism and health and disease control) to make recommendations on more efficient cyber crisis cooperation and management.

How can the EU be more trustworthy and digitally secure? ECIL report presented to Gunther Oettinger

On 25th January 2016, at the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille, the European Cybersecurity Industry Leaders (ECIL) workgroup presented a report to European Commissioner for the Digital Economy Gunther Oettinger, focusing on the need to make the EU more trustworthy and digitally secure.