Cybersecurity Training in Europe - Have your say

Cybersecurity training is crucial for any organisation to protect their sensitive data.

With a forecast of 4 million trained workers needed to close the skills gap and build their defences against cyber-attacks, every IT-intensive organization needs a highly efficient cybersecurity training plan to gain real-world experiences.

In the recently published strategy "Shaping europe’s digital future", the European Commission highlighted its vision on how to increse cybersecurity and tackle the lack of digital skills.

As an IT security specialist or digital business leader, we would like to hear your opinion on the state of the art of cybersecurity training in Europe to help us identify gaps and possible solutions.

Your contribution and feedback will help us analyse the European cybersecurity training landscape, with a view to providing recommendations on increasing capacity building efforts and better protecting public and private organisations from cyber-attacks.  
These recommendations may result in supporting efforts to develop new EC Communications, new directives and even assist in providing input to implementing regulations in cybersecurity and data protection.

All you need to do is answer to the following 3-questions, 1 minute of your time!

Thank you very much. 


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