Launches first innovative training modules | Newsletter July 2020 is launching the first two of its innovative training modules.

These modules follow a hands-on, risk-centric approach to cyber threats and vulnerabilities to build skills on cybersecurity through novel training courses. In total, will deliver 4 training levels (PRIMER, BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED) ranging from basic awareness to advanced undertaking of complex risk assessments with the PRIMER and BASIC levels being launched today.

Let's take a close look at the new courses:

  • PRIMER: The Primer offering level is the starting point to the platform. It is an offering level designed mostly for university students and young professionals who need to increase their knowledge of the cybersecurity framework.
  • BASIC: The Basic offering level is designed for users who have already done some cybersecurity training and are familiar with basic cybersecurity threats and best practices.




Four organisations with differing cybersecurity needs are set to start their free customised cyber training course with in the coming weeks. AKSILIA a technological solutions company in Tuscany,  Ferrovie dello Stato the Italian state-owned rail management company, CyberSolace a small Cyber Security advisory firm and IDS an independent engineering and systems technologies company have all signed up to the Open Pilots Scheme.


  • AKSILIA is the main Partner in Tuscany for various manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and digital SME. It creates solutions that simplify access to corporate information assets by building flexible technological solutions. The Pilot will help AKSILIA to increase their knowledge of main cybersecurity concepts so to be more effective on the consultancy to its clients.
  • Ferrovie dello Stato is state-owned company that manages the Italian rail network. The Open Pilots will give the cybersecurity team of ferrovie the opportunity to train their skills with attack and defense scenarios so as to be effective when real cybersecurity threats appear and perform the right cost-benefit analysis.
  • IDS is an independent engineering and systems technologies company providing research, innovation and products in Electromagnetic Engineering, Satellite Communications, Aeronautical and Radar fields for both civil and defense applications.
  • CyberSolace is a small Cyber Security advisory firm founded by Hani Banayoti and supported by a network of industry experts and prominent affiliates with the sole intent of delivering a new breed of security advisory services to industry.

The training of these Open Pilots will focus mainly on exercises about:

  • SQL injection
  • Password Awareness tracking Launches first innovative training modules | Newsletter July 2020 | Cyber Range & Capacity Building in Cybersecurity


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