D6.2 - Best Practices & Early Assessment Pilots, Final Version

WISER has adopted a multi-faceted approach to its interaction with the EAPs, as detailed in this report. A key outcome of the feedback received is a clear understanding of the expectations of prospective users of the WISER framework by offering a guide for the design and development of the framework.The purpose of the D6.2 - Best Practices & Early Assessment Pilots (Final Version) is threefold. First, it describes the business processes, cybersecurity needs and current practices of the associate partners serving as early assessment pilots (EAPs). Second, it documents the interaction WISER has carried out with the EAPs to collect and analyse feedback on the WISER design and (preliminary) results, helping to guide the design and development of WISER operational modes. Third, it reports on an analysis of best practices identified for the context in which WISER operates, namely, standards and methods for risk management, security testing and vulnerability and threat monitoring.

Release: May 2016

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