Data administration for cyber security

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Nowadays, collecting and storing more data, means also expand the potential cyberattack surface.

Cybersecurity professionals know that prevention is futile, so they are increasingly looking at detecting attacks in progress and need solid data analytics in order to do so.
Great data management is critical for this purpose, since it allows to optimize the collection and storage of data for security analysts to be successful in stopping attacks.
By creating a data environment that’s easy to navigate, access and understand, database managers can remove barriers for security analysts to do their work.
To make sure they are optimizing data analysis for cybersecurity, database managers must ask some critical questions:
- Is the data formatted in a way that will allow for efficient retrieval and analysis?
- Is the environment flexible enough to support the kind of investigation and analysis functions the security team needs?
- Can multiple data sources be integrated and analyzed together for security purposes?
It’s not enough to address the technology problem — data management for cybersecurity is also a people and process problem.
Just like other parts of the organization, data management needs to adapt in order to help protect the data your company collects and stores.