Lunarline School of Cybersecurity wants to solve Cyber Workforce Challenges

The Lunarline School of Cybersecurity (SCS) is an entity that aims to solve cyber workforce challenges, providing web based training and certifications to its users and an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) built for the challenges of large enterprise training programs.
According to Waylon Krush, Lunarline CEO, the School of Cybersecurity simplifies compliance with the NICE Framework and NIST 800-181.
SCS serves 1,000s of students annually across different sectors (Intelligence, Defense Federal Civilian and private sector) and organizations.
For government organizations, has developed a tool to identify the training and certifications they need to satisfy the NICE Framework.
For federal organization, a custom online application that automates NICE Framework reporting.
For small business, it provides an online tool for efficiently planning and executing cyber workforce initiatives.


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