Raffineria di Milazzo

The Milazzo Refinery (RAM) operates within the Italian and international refining system for the production of fuels, and raw materials for petrochemicals.

The only recipients of the refined products are the Shareholders. RAM does not own either the incoming raw materials nor the outgoing products, but only offers a service to its Shareholders. The shareholders are Eni S.p.A. and Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. (known under the trade mark Q8), which own 50% of the shares. They compensate RAM with a processing fee for refining their crude oil based on the sum of all costs. Therefore the company's income statement regularly breaks even.

Currently, the Milazzo Refinery is one of the most complex refining facilities in Europe, able to receive and work a wide range of raw materials and produce products in line with the most stringent quality specifications. The processing capacity is around 10 million tons per year. About 90% of the products are shipped by sea.

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