Save the Date 22 April 2020, 3rd Open Pilots Workshop - Registrations will open soon has recently held a very successful 2nd Open Pilots Workshop co-located with the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille, France. After testing the Cyber Range Platform in a dedicated session of the Workshop, four organisations signed up for the Open Pilots Scheme, which allows them to cyber train their staff for free in a fully customised Open Pilot. 

Given the success of the first two editions, we are organising the 3rd Free Open Pilots Workshop in Madrid, Spain on 22 April 2020.

You will receive the link to register to the 3rd Free Open Pilots Workshop in the next issue of this newsletter.

Any IT-dependent organisation can sign up for the Open Pilot Scheme online and also join our upcoming free Workshops, where you will have the unique opportunity to personally test our Cyber Range Platform, share your Cyber Training Requirements and customise your own Open Pilot. Make sure to Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our 3rd Workshop.


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An Integrated, Advanced Training Platform in Cybersecurity partners recently gathered in Pisa to touch base on the progress of the project and plan the next steps for the upcoming  roll out of the Training Platform. Watch the video and hear about how each partner is going to play an active role bringing unique key innovations to ensure an effective training experience for the users.


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Meet the Stakeholders Experts Board

Meet the Stakeholders Expert Board (SEB): a dynamic group of thought leaders across Europe and globally.

The SEB is contributing to quarterly virtual meetings and provides independent, competent and timely feedback to the strategy and operations of the CYBERWISER.EU initiative in terms of guidance and insights.


Meet the SEB members