xOpera is a lightweight open-source orchestrator of cloud applications. Relying on full compliance with the powerful OASIS TOSCA standard, it allows you to describe your cloud application as a set of nodes and the relationships between them, and lets you define any workflows that you might need to manage your app in an intuitive manner. It supports full lifecycle management of the application - from deployment, updating and healing to retiring.
The tool has a variety of uses - from helping developers and DevOps teams continuously deploy their application, to powering self-service frameworks. xOpera helps you deploy to the IaaS of your choice and brings your application into the desired state through its native integration with Ansible. Re-use your existing automation scripts, however simple or complex!
By providing connectors to various IaaS cloud providers – public and private, xOpera fosters portability of cloud applications. This aspect will be illustrated in CYBERWISER.eu, where xOpera will help to manage simulated environments hosting cyber-range exercises, in an alternative IaaS.


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