Is your company at risk of cyber breaches?

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Since cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to prevent and detect, every company really need to adapt its cybersecurity risk management.
The first step toward the improvement of your cybersecurity risk management, is to understand whether your company is at risk of cyber breaches.
If your information security department does not know where to start, you can begin by reflecting wheter your company identifies with any of the following statements.

Your company is at risk of cyber breaches, if:
Your organization doesn’t have documented policies and procedures regarding security.
Employees are not aware of cyber security policies and do not receive any security awareness training.
Your organization has known vulnerabilities in your systems but don’t have the time, resources or talent to mitigate the risks.
Your organization lacks a mature help desk or incident handling practices. IT support is overwhelmed, appears to be a “free for all,” and a formal ticketing system is not utilized. The majority of time is spent putting out fires.
Unsupported or unpatched software may be prevalent in your company, with no long-term strategy to upgrade.