D3.2 - Cyber risk modelling language and guidelines, preliminary version

This document reports on the work carried out during the first year of the project to offer support for cyber risk modelling in the WISER framework. This support is provided in the form of modelling languages and corresponding guidelines and structures that are specifically aimed at facilitating development of cyber risk models to fulfil the role implied by the framework design documented in D2.3.

Release: May 2016

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D3.1 - Cyber risk patterns

This document reports on cyber risk patterns provided by the WISER framework to support cyber risk modelling. The purpose is to support clients of WISER with a set of predefined risk patterns they may instantiate without going through an extensive risk analysis process. The risk patterns capture typical cyber risks in a generic way and are available to the client in CyberWISER Essential, as well as CyberWISER Plus. This document also provides guidelines for how to instantiate WISER risk patterns.

Release: May 2016

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D2.3 - Framework design, final version

This document reports the work carried out to deliver the final version of the design of the WISER Framework and detials the functioning of the three modes of operation WISER envisages and clarifies the role of the different components of the WISER Framework.

Release: February 2016

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D2.2 - Framework design, initial version

The purpose of the Deliverable 2.2 is to give an overview of the work performed in the context of  the WISER WP2 during the months 4 to 6 of the project. Throughout these 3 months, the task of defining the requirements (Task 2.1) has been completed and the task of designing the WISER Framework (Task 2.2) initiated. This document reports the outcomes of the initial steps in the design of the WISER platform.

Release: November 2015

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