Greece (GR)

Current status:
Greece have not yet implemented a cybersecurity strategy.


Year of adoption Greece have not yet implemented a national cybersecurity strategy, however according to the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, Greece is in the process of preparing a cybersecurity strategy.
Updates and revisions N.A.
Implementation and monitoring N.A.
Legal conditions

As for cybercrime legislation, there is no uniform legal framework, but rather only fragmentary provisions (for example computer fraud) in the Penal Code and other laws, such as the law on data protection and the law of property intellectual.

In repsonse to the the EU Critical Infrastructure Directive (2008/114/EC), Greek adopted a specific national law on Critical Infrastructure Protection through the Presidential Decree 39/2011 (Greek language).

Operational capacity building

The Hellenic Authority for Information and Communication Security and Privacy is the primary body responsible for network and information security in Greece. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) is responsible for matters relating to information and network security while the Directorate of Cyber Defence is responsible for cyber warfare and liaises with the NIS and the Greek police.

Other capacity-building measures: research and education The Greek Cybercrime, is a national project aimed primarily at improving research and education in the area of cyber attacks.

The objectives of GCC are to:

  1. advance cyber crime training and University education in Greece
  2. improve research in focused areas of cyber crime such as botnets and cyberattacks
  3. mobilize the Greek constituency in the area of cyber crime
  4. collaborate with similar centres so as to maximize the uptake of the results
Legal conditions NA
Date of last WISER analysis July 2017


Compliance with the GDPR and NIS Directive: Report a cyber incident

Report a cyber incident to national CERT/CSIRT

Greece has an officially recognized national CERT known as the National Authority against Electronic Attacks (NAAEA)

NAAEA is the agency responsible for encountering-protecting mainly the Public Sector along with the Critical National Infrastructures as established by Bill 3469/2008 and Presidential Decree 126/2009.
In order to fulfill its mission more effectively the NAAEA cooperates with foreign national or other CERT authorities and relevant agencies but with in-country government services, as well.

FORTH CERT is the Incident Response Team of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, one of the leading scientific organization in Greece.

A.U.Th.-CERT  is the incident response team security aims to inform the academic community in security and computer networks. It also aims to address security threats to computers and networks.

Best practices

Greece conducted two rounds of national exercises in 2010 and 2011 and participated in the NATO Cyber Defence Exercise of 2010 and 2011. The Hellenic Cyber Security team will compete in the 2017 edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge organized by ENISA.

Languages Greek
Date of last WISER analysis July 2017


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