Professional and academic training

The pilot will gather, along the project lifetime, around 40 trainees (undergrads, grads and post-docs), using the platform simultaneously. This pilot will focus on user experience and the scalability features of the platform. The diversity of the experiments that a university would require from elementary ones for BSc, through to more complex ones for MSc and post-graduated users, up to research-oriented for PhD students- will demonstrate the flexibility of the platform. In fact, a variegated set of experiments with the whole education chain will be performed as part of the pilot, providing valuable validation evidence and feedback.

The CYBERWISER.EU platform will enhance and complement the common teaching approaches by letting students experiment with increasingly complex systems and situations, from base levels of defence (e.g., firewalls and intrusion detection systems), through to more complex networking environments up to realistic attack and defence strategies, validating and demonstrating the high flexibility of the platform, which is of paramount importance in an academic environment.

UniPi pilot outcomes are expected to fill the gap concerning the high demand of cybersecurity professionals – who combine broad technical skills with security expertise and an understanding of business risk – and the difficulties to find them.


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