The WISER project at a glance

This presentation was held by Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS) during the 1st CIPSEC Workshop in Vilanova i La Geltrú (Spain) on 14 June 2017.
The presentation gives an overview of the WISER project and shows how the CyberWISER Light, CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus are different from the other cybersecurity services present in the market today.

WISER: Helping EU firms get smart about cyber security

The presentation focus on cyber risk management from a business point of view by considering all the business implications of a breach, from business interruption to reputational damage.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - 'All Done' with WISER

A practical Demo session showcasing CyberWISER Light, the online tool designed to help small organisations assess their cyber risk exposure and vulnerabilities.

The demo also features a sneak preview of CyberWISER Essential, an upgrade service with real-time monitoring and advanced assessment of cyber risk through specific sensors deployed on the target infrastructure.

The demo was held at DSS ITSEC 2016 in Riga.

Tackling today's cyber security challenges - WISER Services & Solutions

Antonio Alvarez Romero (ATOS) is giving an high level overview of WISER project, higlighting its innovative vision, objectives and concrete outputs.
Learn about how WISER is making cyber security accessible and affordable, especially for SMEs by breaking down barriers to effective cyber risk management. ICT-intensive SMEs can easily access tools to regularly profile their cyber risks and carry out vulnerability tests to stop attacks before they happen.

The presentation was held at DSS ITSEC 2016 in Riga.

Democratising Cyber Security - WISER Webinar

This is the first of a series of webinar presenting the suite of WISER services going to market in 2017.

In this webinar we introduce you to the WISER project, its main objectives and innovative approach to create awareness and a global cyber security culture.

The WISER services are presented with particular focus on CyberWISER Light, the first tool of the WISER suite, already available online for free. – A risk-based, democratised approach to cybersecurity

WISER presentation by Paolo Lombardi (TRUST-IT Services) held for the European Privacy Association General Data Protection Regulation Webinar Series.

WISER: the European innovative framework on cybersecurity

The presentations gives an overview of the WISER project highlighting its main objectives and outputs.

Thinking Beyond Insurance: the future of EU cyber & technology

The talk "Thinking Beyond Insurance - the future of EU cyber security & technology" was given by Giorgio Aprile, AON Head of Financial Institutions in Italy at the Ferma Forum, held in Venice, Italy 4 to 7 October 2015.