Assess your cybersecurity approach and prepare yourself for a real risk scenario

In our daily business lives, digital tools are becoming much more commonplace in the workplace but many of us are unaware of potential exposure to cyber risks.
On top of this, we have such a wide choice of IT platforms and tools to choose from, often making it hard to know which ones offer the best protection against cyber threats.
To help overcome barriers to cybersecurity, four European Funded Projects have co-created a self-assessment tool that allows SMEs from any sector to test their knowledge and awareness of basic security concepts.
This online assessment, located externally from website, is specifically designed to help SMEs find gaps in their practical knowledge and implement the improvements they need for greater protection.

Anyone who successfully completes the assessment will receive a certificate.



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The 4 IT Projects that created this tool

The idea of creating a self-assessment tool in order to highlight the gaps knowledge of IT Professionals came from 4 EU Projects:

  • CyberSec4Europe the project activities range from combining formal, professional and non-traditional cybersecurity skills;

  • provides a European cybersecurity and privacy Marketplace;

  • SMESEC proposes a cost-effective framework composed of specific cyber-security tool-kits to support SMEs;

  • delivers a flexible, risk-centred, capacity-building platform, combining a theoretical and practical approach to cybersecurity with innovative features (including a cutting edge cyber range).


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Cybersecurity training - The customisable approach

The problem with traditional learning is it doesn’t prepare trainees for the job they’ll be doing and it is usually based on a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This traditional approach while better than nothing isn’t ideal, because it doesn’t adequately replicate what the trainee will be dealing with in its day-to-day work. For most organisations indeed, investing in cybersecurity training not only depends on internal factors, but also on the ‘fit’ between training demands and the training offer.


As hackers get bolder so does cyber security training

Cybersecurity training - What do organisations need?

Human error has become a major weak point in cyber security today; one that is easily exploited by cyber criminals. In fact, according to a cybersecurity report by London-based consultancy Willis Towers Watson “approximately 90% of all cyber claims are the result of some type of human error or behaviour “. On top of this we are also experiencing a large scale skills gap in the professional field;


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