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The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, and companies need to adapt to it if they do not want to risk major breaches.
Below, is a list of future trends in cybersecurity, and therefore a way to forecast how company can start to adapt from the future.

Data theft turning into data manipulation
We can expect to see attackers to start attacking the integrity of data, causing reputational damage, by getting people to question the integrity of the manipulated data.

Demand will continue to rise for security skills
Demand for cybersecurity expertise is rising, along with the phenomenon of companies insourcing their security needs.

Life threatening  hacks
In the future, by targeting industrial control, health systems and similar critical networks, the consequence could dramatically affect the lives millions of people.

State sponsored attack
State sponsored cyberattacks  will become an increasingly common part of the geopolitical landscape.
These attacks can target critical infrastructure, like nuclear reactor, chemical plants and satellites.

Attackers will get smarter
Attackers capability will improve faster than the defenders ability to counter or get ahead of it.
They will continue to hide and communicate with other criminals in the Dark Web.
Breaches will become more complicated and harder to beat.

Spread of cyber risk insurance                                               
Cyber risk insurance will become part of operational risk strategy.