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Dear members,


We would like to inform you that, in order to be compliant with the emergency measures for Covid-19, we have decided to move the 3rd Free Open Pilots Workshop to cyberspace (date to be defined).

Any IT-dependent organisation can sign up for the Open Pilot Scheme online to have the unique opportunity to personally test our Cyber Range Platform, share your Cyber Training Requirements and customise your own Open Pilot.

Nevertheless, we have organised something different for the 22nd of April (the date originally dedicated to the workshop). And we would like to invite you to our new free webinar!

This webinar on 22.04.2020 zooms in on the Capacity Building Platform, a risk-centric, practical approach to cybersecurity, designed to train employees at various levels, from basic knowledge for non-IT staff to vulnerability and threat analysts, all the way up to decision-making IT professionals, such as information security risk managers, heads of information security and chief information security officers.

This latter group can customise the training material, define training exercises and expected outcomes, as well as divide staff into cyber-attack and defence teams.


SAVE THE DATE: 22.04.2020 | The registration link and detailed agenda will be soon available on our website in our next newsletter.


Stay tuned!


Cybersecurity Training in Europe - Have your sayCybersecurity Training in Europe - Have your say

As an IT security specialist or digital business leader, we would like to hear your opinion on the state of the art of cybersecurity training in Europe to help us identify gaps and possible solutions.

Your contribution and feedback will help us analyse the European cybersecurity training landscape, with a view to providing recommendations on increasing capacity building efforts and better protecting public and private organisations from cyber-attacks.  

These recommendations may result in supporting efforts to develop new EC Communications, new directives and even assist in providing input to implementing regulations in cybersecurity and data protection..


Have your say

As hackers get bolder so does cyber security training

As hackers get bolder so does cyber security training

Organisations are becoming more desirable targets for hacking, due to the global shortage of cyber security skills we are currently facing. Hackers are further advancing their motives and tactics, using new technologies and innovation.

However, the same is also true for cybersecurity training with a European report stating that there is an increase in innovative training activities that are customisable and practical. implements customisable training programs in cybersecurity to fit any range of needs and learning targets, using innovative features, including a cutting-edge cyber range. You can try it for free, just click below if you want to know more.



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