Webinar April 22 @15:00 CEST | Register & Activate your own open pilot for free training!

Join the webinar on "Free Cybersecurity Training with customised Learning Paths" on 22 April at 15:00 CEST.

The webinar zooms in on the Capacity Building Platform: a risk-centric, practical approach to cybersecurity, designed to train employees at various levels (from basic knowledge for non-IT staff to vulnerability and threat analysts, all the way up to decision-making IT professionals, such as information security risk managers, heads of information security and chief information security officers). The plaftorm also allows to customise the training material, define training exercises and expected outcomes, as well as divide staff into cyber-attack and defence teams.

Join us and:
- Learn about our Learning Paths and Cyber Range Platform capalities.
- Discover how to join our Free Open Pilot Scheme.
- Understand the real benefits of customisable hands-on cybersecurity training approach

Download the slide presentation used during the webinar here!




Cybersecurity Training in Europe - Have your sayCybersecurity Training in Europe - Have your say

As an IT security specialist or digital business leader, we would like to hear your opinion on the state of the art of cybersecurity training in Europe to help us identify gaps and possible solutions. Your contribution and feedback will help us analyse the European cybersecurity training landscape, with a view to providing recommendations on increasing capacity building efforts and better protecting public and private organisations from cyber-attacks. 
These recommendations may result in supporting efforts to develop new EC Communications, new directives and even assist in providing input to implementing regulations in cybersecurity and data protection.


As hackers get bolder so does cyber security training




Cybersecurity - What is the right training approach for my organisation?

There are numerous players delivering training in cybersecurity around the world. Mostly driven by the non-specific academic approach. However, we are beginning to see the development of a more targeted approach to training, this comes on the back of recommendations from European cyber agencies.

The approach advocated by mixes theoretical with practical and is fully customisable to maximise return of investment in training for organisations of all size. You can try out one of our freely available “Open Pilots”, here.

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