Do you need a cybersecurity expert in your organisation? The new Cybersecurity Professional Register is up! Look into it now!

The new professional cybersecurity register aims to facilitate and simplify the match between supply and demand in a world where it can be difficult to navigate specific needs. The register has been recently opened by the cybersecurity educational & information platform

Through the registry (known as ‘CyPR’) qualified cybersecurity experts can showcase their experience and get in touch with industries, SMEs, and institutions searching for a professional role to insert within their organisations.

Those included in the register will be experts who have either certified working experience in the field, completed cybersecurity training courses, obtained an internationally accepted cybersecurity certification (CEH, CISA, CISM, etc.) or university master’s degree. 

Find out more about our Cybersecurity professional register within this article!

Do you have further questions about our CyPR? Look at out FAQ page!

If you have further questions in your mind this is perfectly normal and we created the frequently asked question page with this purpose. Within the frequently asked questions, you can find answers to questions like "who should register on the CyPR ?" "Why should you register on the CyPR ?" and how to do it. Here you will find also the list of the Official Cybersecurity Certifications recognized in the CyPR. The Areas of Expertise which provides a set of high-level activities to achieve specific cybersecurity Outcomes are listed too. Read more, clear your doubts, and get on board! launches Primer & Basic training modules

The cybersecurity educational & information platform has launched the first two of its innovative training modules. These modules follow a hands-on, risk-centric approach with cyber-risk related activities being used to train the participants within cybersecurity. In total, 4 training levels will exist (Primer, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) ranging from basic awareness to advanced undertaking of complex risk assessments, with the Primer and Basic levels being recently launched.


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