Cyber range platforms

What is a cyber range? Excerpts from a recently-published white paper issued by provide insights into the what and how of cyber range technology and explain why it’s a key asset in the training of cybersecurity professionals.

Global technology and consulting company Indra has announced the completion of programmed training for staff of Spain’s Joint Cyber-Defence Command on its Minsait Cyber Range system.

CYBERBIT is a global provider of cyber range training and simulation platforms, and offers detection, response, automation and orchestration products across both IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) networks. Their recently published Cyber Range Buyers Guide describes the key tasks of a robust training platform and offers a checklist of the ideal technical requirements.

The EDP Cyber Range Platform is composed of equipment and software specifically designed to train and educate EDP employees in a simulated real-life context – with different scenarios according to the expertise of the teams – to ensure they are the first line of defence against cyber threats.